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    熱門關鍵詞:硫氫化鈉 甲硫醇鈉 硫化鈉 鹽酸羥胺 片堿 粒堿





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    Binzhou City Bao Xiang Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Binzhou City, East Ring Road No. 666. Near Hebei, Tianjin, Zibo, land, sea and air transportation is very convenient for. Our employees have a strong sense of responsibility. After years of development, has now formed four kinds of organic intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates, chemical solvents and chemical additives. The company's business involving medicine, pesticides, dyes, paints, leather and other industries.
    The company's annual sales of about 130 million yuan. My company and the world's major chemical, pharmaceutical raw materials suppliers have a close relationship, and maintain a good relationship with it. Since its inception, to play their own advantages, improve the sales network, focus on corporate image, the vast market of enterprise products, exported to Japan, the United States, Europe, India, Southeast Asia and other places. We treasure Xiang, the spirit of "truth-seeking, efficient and innovative" team spirit, to participate in the fierce competition in the market, first-class product quality, preferential price, satisfactory sales service, won the support and trust of customers. We are willing to work together with the world, colleagues from all walks of life to work together for common development. Enterprise mission: Based on the chemical industry, forge ahead. Integrity services, quality and credit based. Standardize the work, the introduction of advanced, scientific methods. Strengthen cooperation and establish good relations. Development of new products, development of industry, optimization of industrial structure. Create brand, serve the country, contribute to economic development, environmental protection and social progress. Bao Xiang commitment, responsible for you. [management] is a treasure of the principle of "innovation" is the foundation of the survival of Xiang Xiang [team] cooperation is the success of the law Xiang bao.

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